Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) For every one.

One Device.


For open abdomen NPT.

Download the Exsudex® brochure here: Exsudex brochure

  • Indicated for many wound types
  • For regular and open abdomen NPWT
  • Continuous and intermittent negative pressure therapy
  • Wide range of cost-effective disposables (single items/sets (S-M-L))
  • Highly ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Ideal for all health care settings: acute, long term care and home care use
  • Affordable


  • Large full colour touch screen
  • Multiple alarm and safety features
  • Wide choice of languages
  • Integrated bed holder
  • Lightweight (1,1 kgs)
  • Long battery life
  • Very low operation sound

Unique Exsudex® canister   

  • Cost-effectieve 1 l canister
  • Integrated double-action filter (antibacterial and anti odour)
  • Containing solidifying agent

Wide range of cost-effective disposables:

- Foam dressing

- Gauze dressings

- Abdominal dressing

Two types of suction pads:

For use with foam            For use with gauze

Download the Exsudex® brochure here:  Exsudex brochure

Download the CE certificates/DoC here:

CE Certificate Exsudex units

DoC Exsudex Canisters

DOC250517-25052017191752 - DOC250517-25052017191811

CE Certificate Interf Conn-Tubing-Drains

Data sheet 34551 - 63006 - Data sheet 34552 - 63004 - Data sheet 34556 - 211109023